FREDDY Technology

High Safety Laser Shockwave Lithotripsy

Since its introduction to the market, the FREDDY® technology has proven itself as a highly efficient and extremely safe lithotripsy system in the fields of urology and gastroenterology.

In addition to its standard use in the ureter with semi-rigid instruments, the U100Plus is also well suited for the treatment of kidney stones within the scope of a therapy. Concrements located in the lower renal calyx, for example, are also easily reached and fragmented due to the highly flexible, super thin quartz fiber. Even large bladder stones are treated faster and with that more time- and cost-efficient using the U100Plus.

The extraordinary high performance potential of the U100Plus and the possibility to set different energy levels as well as single and dual pulses with frequencies of up to 20 Hz, provides urologists and gastroenterologists with an extremely universal, highly efficient, and with that also very economically to operate lithotripsy system.

The trend towards therapeutic outpatient treatments, evident in all sectors of the health system due to rising costs, is decisively supported and facilitated with the use of the FREDDY® lithotriptor.

Universal Application in the Entire Urinary Tract & Bile Duct

Urinary calculus: Progress of fragmentation status