FREDDY Technology

Highest Levels of Efficiency and Safety

The energy of the FREDDY® lithotriptor is transferred to the stone via a highly flexible quartz glass fiber and effects fragmentation with shockwaves generated directly on the application site.

The dual laser pulse of the FREDDY® technology contains a primary infrared part (λ = 1064 nm) as well as a green part (λ = 532 nm), which is optimally absorbed by the stones. Plasma is generated at the absorption site that is amplified by the infrared part. The plasma energy then converts to a shockwave with a mechanical effect, which in turn fragments the stone in a highly efficient manner. Because the surrounding tissue practically does not absorb the emitted green part level, plasma with a subsequent shockwave is not generated here either. This means the non-thermal method of this method neither coagulates nor perforates tissue even in case of accidental direct fiber contact.

This functional principle is the basis for the demonstrably high safety standard of the lithotripsy laser U100Plus.

Dual pulse of the U100Plus; pulse energy up to 160 mJ